Q: What are the registration costs for the 2017 spring season ? 

 A: $85 per player for I.  $105 per player for A, B and C leagues.

Q: What is included in the registration fee ? 

A: Players receives a jersey, shorts, personalized visor and socks in I. Players in A,B & C receive a jersey, socks and pants.

Q: What equipment do I need to provide for my daughter ?

A:  Your daughter needs to have a glove and cleats. Each coach is provided with catcher’s gear, batting helmets, practice softballs, tee, catcher’s mitt, and soft toss net (except I League).

Q: What nights will my child practice ?

A: Each team will be assigned a weeknight practice field as well as an option to practice on a weekend day.  The league requests that each coach survey their parents to determine the best possible day or night.  The league makes every attempt to accomodate each request.

Q: What nights will games be played ?

A: I League plays on Tuesday and Thursday, A League plays on Monday and Friday, B League plays on Tuesday and Thursday, C League plays on Monday and Wednesday.  There will be some games scheduled on Saturdays during the regular season.

Q: When does the season start ?

A: Practices usually begin at the beginning of April depending on the weather.  The season begins the first week in May and concludes before the July 4th holiday.

Q: How many games are played during the spring season ?

A: All leagues play 14 games (weather dependent) during the regular season.  A,B and C Leagues conclude the season by participating in a single elimination tournament.

Q: What time do games start during the spring season ?

A: All league games during the week start at 6:15pm.  Any games scheduled on Saturday or Sunday due to rain-outs will start based on field availability.